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The world-wide diffusion community has accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about the various aspects of diffusion. A substantial fraction of this knowledge is accessible from textbooks and publications in archival journals. Nevertheless, each of us has probably had the experience that he would have appreciated having easier access to information on a certain problem he is just interested in. The electronic media provide an excellent tool for meeting such requirements. With the present section Diffusion Contributions we might have the chance to eventually establish an encyclopaedia-like source of information about the various aspects of diffusion.

"The Benefit of Microscopic Measuring Techniques for Unveiling Structure-Mobility Relations in Molecular Diffusion under Confinement"
Jörg Kärger, University of Leipzig
"authored (general solid state diffusion) texts and specialized monographs, stand-alone (general solid state diffusion) chapters and specialized collections of invited chapters."
Graeme Murch

How to submit

If you dispose of papers on a subject which might serve as a contribution to an eventual encyclopaedia (e.g. lecture scripts), you are invited to submit them as attached pdf-file by E-mail to In the footer of the summary page(s), please, write " author(s), year", in order to declare that you are the holder of the copyright for this paper. In general, before putting such contributions into the web, the advice of referees shall be asked for.

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