Basic Principles of Diffusion Theory, Experiment and Application
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volume 32, 2019:

Special Issue "Diffusion Fundamentals VIII"

Abstracts of the conference "Diffusion Fundamentals VIII - Diffusion Phenomena Moving People", September 1-5, 2019, Erlangen, Germany

Scope of the conference: Based on the process of random movement in widely varying scales from the molecular up to the macroscopic and even cosmic level, diffusion is the key to describe spreading phenomena in many different areas. Following the motto Diffusion Phenomena Moving People, the organizers' aim was to bring together dedicated scientists from all related disciplines such as engineering, physics, chemistry, sociology, ethnology, medicine, linguistics, etc. and to stimulate the interdisciplinary approach by learning about the astonishingly similar patterns of spreading phenomena.

Abstacts of invited lectures

International human rights – an example of global norms diffusion?
H. Bielefeldt 32 (2019) 1, pp 1

The dynamics and propagation of riots
H. Berestycki 32 (2019) 2, pp 1

Why do people change their language?
K. Prochazka, G. Vogl 32 (2019) 3, pp 1

Diffusion of innovations: a theory of reverse diffusion
C. Pescher, G. J. Tellis 32 (2019) 4, pp 1

Mechanisms of knowledge diffusion in online social dynamics
B. Tadic 32 (2019) 5, pp 1

Modeling direct injection of drugs into the brain
M. Sarntinoranont, T. H. Mareci 32 (2019) 6, pp 1

Better, faster, more versatile NMR diffusion measurements
W. S. Price, A. Gupta, T. Stait-Gardner, A. Torres, S. A. Willis, G. Zheng, Y. Aihara 32 (2019) 7, pp 1

Fundamentals of carrier diffusion waves in electronic solids
A. Mandelis, Q. Sun, A. Melnikov 32 (2019) 8, pp 1

Atomic diffusion studied by coherent X-ray scattering
M. Leitner 32 (2019) 9, pp 1

Exploring guest dynamics in nanoporous host materials
C. Chmelik, J. Kärger 32 (2019) 10, pp 1

The 190th birthday of Adolf Fick: Still the same procedure for diffusion in fluids as every year?
A. Bardow 32 (2019) 11, pp 1

Prediction of physical properties for the design of processes in the oil & gas industry using molecular simulation
I. G. Economou, P. Krokidas, S. Moncho, E. N. Brothers, M. Castier, H.-K. Jeong 32 (2019) 12, pp 1

Measurement and modelling of mass diffusion coefficients for application in carbon dioxide storage and enhanced oil recovery
J. P. M. Trusler, S. P. Cadogan, G. C. Maitland, C. Secuianu 32 (2019) 13, pp 1

Global challenges of capturing carbon dioxide
S. Brandani, E. Mangano 32 (2019) 14, pp 1

Abstracts of workshops

Characterization and adsorption-based applications of nanoporous materials
M. Hartmann, M. Richter, M. Thommes 32 (2019) 15, pp 1

Determination of transport properties of fluids by optical methods
W. Köhler, C. Giraudet 32 (2019) 16, pp 1

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and modeling of diffusion in fluids and porous materials
T. M. Koller, U. Tallarek 32 (2019) 17, pp 1

Solid state diffusion: Atomistic simulation and phase field modeling
R. Kozubski, H. Zapolsky, G. Demange, P. Sowa, J. Betlej 32 (2019) 18, pp 1

Abstracts of poster presentations

Dynamic extracellular space alters spatiotemporal distribution of chemical signals in brain: Experiment and modeling
S. Hrabetova, J. Hrabe 32 (2019) 19, pp 1

Molecules in nanopores as a model system for mimicking spreading in nature and society
S. Hwang, C. Chmelik, J. Kärger 32 (2019) 20, pp 1

Along the cause-and-effect chain: On the propagation of ideas and visions within the scientific analyzer market
D. Klank, C. Reichenbach, D. Schneider 32 (2019) 21, pp 1

Measurement of diffusion of atmospheric gases in a liquid perfluorocompound by means of optical technique
A. Mialdun, V. Yasnou, R. Rives, A. Coronas, V. Shevtsova 32 (2019) 22, pp 1

Using diffusion tensor imaging to predict transport patterns in brain
M. Sarntinoranont, T. Mareci 32 (2019) 23, pp 1

Transient anomalous subdiffusion of DNA-binding species in the nucleus
M. J. Saxton 32 (2019) 24, pp 1

Diffusion coefficients of quinine in supercritical CO2
Y. Gaponenko, A. Mialdun, V. Shevtsova 32 (2019) 25, pp 1

Diffusion detects conformation changes during reactions of photosensor proteins
M. Terazima, Y. Nakasone 32 (2019) 26, pp 1

Imaging of 3D patterns of slow flow in porous media
J. Wang, S. Haber-Pohlmeier, A. Pohlmeier, K. Pitman, A. Chan, P. Galvosas 32 (2019) 27, pp 1

Bubble diffusivity in BCC metals: Atomistic mechanisms and kinetic models
A. Antropov, V. Stegailov 32 (2019) 28, pp 1

Statistical model of atoms diffusion in a crystal lattice of a metal
S. V. Bobyr 32 (2019) 29, pp 1

Molecular dynamics study on the diffusion behavior of water inside functionalized carbon nanotubes
Q. Chen, B. Liu, X. Han 32 (2019) 30, pp 1

Impact of titanium doping on Al self-diffusion in alumina
P. Fielitz, S. Ganschow, K. Kelm, G. Borchardt 32 (2019) 31, pp 1

Direct quantification of surface barriers in nanoporous materials
M. Gao, H. Li, S. Peng, M. Ye, Z. Liu 32 (2019) 32, pp 1

Theoretical model for mass transport and adsorption of gases in porous solids based on the frequency response method
R. Grün, C. Breitkopf 32 (2019) 33, pp 1

Multiscale modeling of diffusion in elastic composite materials
S. Kaessmair, P. Steinmann 32 (2019) 34, pp 1

Diffusion in nanopores recorded by microscopic measuring techniques
C. Chmelik, D. Freude, J. Haase, S. Hwang, J. Kärger, R. Valiullin 32 (2019) 35, pp 1

Anomalous diffusion-controlled kinetics in irradiated oxide
V. N. Kuzovkov, A. I. Popov, E. A. Kotomin 32 (2019) 36, pp 1

Diffusion of Sn in polycrystalline α-Fe under pulsed magnetic field
A. V. Pokoev, A. A. Fedotov, S. V. Divinski 32 (2019) 37, pp 1

Phase formation in aluminum alloys aged in the constant and pulse magnetic field
J. V. Osinskaya, A. V. Pokoev, K. S. Yamschikova 32 (2019) 38, pp 1

Simulation of the magnetoplastic effect in copper-beryllium alloys
D. S. Sineglazov, A.V. Pokoev 32 (2019) 39, pp 1

Diffusion path reversibility confirms symmetry of surface barriers
G. Sastre, J. Kärger, D. M. Ruthven 32 (2019) 40, pp 1

Multiscale diffusion in porous media: From interfacial dynamics to hierarchical porosity
U. Tallarek, D. Hlushkou, J. Rybka, A. Höltzel 32 (2019) 41, pp 1

Stationary-phase contributions to surface diffusion at C8-modified silica mesopores
J. Rybka, A. Höltzel, N. Trebel, U. Tallarek 32 (2019) 42, pp 1

Concentration-dependent sedimentation and diffusion coefficient in analytical ultracentrifugation experiments
M. J. Uttinger, S. Wawra, J. Walter, W. Peukert 32 (2019) 43, pp 1

Synthesis of hierarchical TS-1 zeolites from a hydrolysis resistant polymer and their excellent catalytic performance in bulky molecules oxidation
J. Xing, D. Yuan, Y. Wu, Y. Xu, Z. Liu 32 (2019) 44, pp 1

A vacuum set-up for fundamental studies of self- and transport diffusion in porous media
H. Yu, M.-O. Coppens 32 (2019) 45, pp 1

Self- and transport diffusion coefficients from NMR experiments
D. Bellaire, K. Münnemann, H. Hasse 32 (2019) 46, pp 1

Dynamic viscosity, interfacial tension and mass diffusion coefficient of n-hexane, cyclohexane, 2-methylpentane and CO2 systems
S. Yan, S. Bi, J. Cui, X. Meng, J. Wu 32 (2019) 47, pp 1

Translational and rotational diffusion coefficients in nanofluids from polarized dynamic light scattering
F. E. Bioucas, C. Damm, W. Peukert, T. M. Koller, C. Giraudet, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 48, pp 1

Assessing diffusivities of organic compounds in ionic liquids
J. Praus, P. Číhal, O. Vopička 32 (2019) 49, pp 1

The thermodynamic factor: The key to understand complex diffusion behavior in fluid mixtures
G. Guevara-Carrión, V. Shevtsova, J. Vrabec 32 (2019) 50, pp 1

The Diffusion Research Unit, The Australian National University, Canberra: A contribution to physical chemistry and beyond
K. R. Harris, W. E. Price 32 (2019) 51, pp 1

Fick diffusion coefficients in binary fluid mixtures consisting of methane, propane, or carbon dioxide by theoretical and optical methods
U. A. Higgoda, M. Piszko, P. Zangi, M. H. Rausch, C. Giraudet, T. M. Koller, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 52, pp 1

Solubility of CO2 in 2-butyl-1-octanol from (323.15 to 573.15) K at pressures up to 10 MPa
X. Hu, J. Yang, X. Jia, S. Bi, J. Wu 32 (2019) 53, pp 1

Fick diffusion coefficients in binary liquid mixtures of n-alkanes or 1-alcohols with dissolved gases investigated by molecular dynamics simulations and dynamic light scattering
T. Klein, W. Wu, M. Kerscher, M. H. Rausch, C. Giraudet, T. M. Koller, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 54, pp 1

Simultaneous study of molecular and micelle diffusion in polyol-based microemulsions with CO2-swollen micelles by dynamic light scattering
M. S. G. Knoll, C. Giraudet, C. J. Hahn, M. H. Rausch, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 55, pp 1

Improvement of a transferable force field for the prediction of self-diffusivity, viscosity, surface tension, and density of long-chained linear and branched alkanes and alcohols up to 573 K by molecular dynamics simulations
F. D. Lenahan, T. M. Koller, T. Klein, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 56, pp 1

Viscosity measurements of dodecane and 2-butyl-1-octanol at temperatures from (298 to 475) K and pressures up to 10 MPa by vibrating-wire method
X. Liang, Y. Fu, J. Wu 32 (2019) 57, pp 1

Predicting self-diffusion and transport diffusion coefficients using entropy scaling and PC-SAFT
J. Mele, M. Hopp, A. Bardow, J. Gross 32 (2019) 58, pp 1

Definition of frame-invariant Soret coefficients for ternary mixtures
J. M. Ortiz de Zárate 32 (2019) 59, pp 1

Diffusivities accessible from dynamic light scattering across the two-phase boundary of an equimolar propane-methane mixture
M. Piszko, M. H. Rausch, C. Giraudet, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 60, pp 1

Reference frames and negative main Fick diffusion coefficients.
V. Shevtsova, T. Janzen, S. Kozlova, I. Ryzhkov, A. Mialdun, J. Vrabec 32 (2019) 61, pp 1

The Soret effect in ternary mixtures of water + ethanol + triethylene glycol of equal mass fractions: ground and microgravity experiments
D. Sommermann, T. Triller, M. Schraml, F. Sommer, W. Köhler, E. Lapeira, M. M. Bou-Ali 32 (2019) 62, pp 1

Interfacial tension measurements of n-dodecane/CO2 from (298.15 to 573.15) K at pressures up to 10 MPa by pendant drop method
J Yang, X. Tang, S. Bi, J. Wu 32 (2019) 63, pp 1

Self-diffusivity of a homologous series of ethylene glycols: Experimental measurements, relation with viscosity, correlation and prediction methods
J. R. Ascenso, M. C. M. Sequeira, H. M. N. T. Avelino, F. J. P. Caetano, J. M. N. A. Fareleira 32 (2019) 64, pp 1

The effects of external surface barriers on zeolite catalysts
M. Alkhunaizi, T. Weissenberger, G. Sankar, M.O. Coppens 32 (2019) 65, pp 1

Breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation for nanoparticles
A. Baer, Z. Miličević, D. M. Smith, A.-S. Smith 32 (2019) 66, pp 1

Multicomponent diffusion coefficients in liquids from a fully automated microfluidic setup using Raman-microspectroscopy
C. Flake, J. Thien, C. Peters, H.-J. Koß, A. Bardow 32 (2019) 67, pp 1

A multi-region model for reaction-diffusion process in a catalyst particle
H. Li, M. Gao, M. Ye, Z. Liu 32 (2019) 68, pp 1

Contribution of mesopores of hierarchically structured titanium silicalite-1 to the catalytic activity towards the methyl oleate epoxidation
M. Dvoyashkin, J. Möllmer, Roger Gläser 32 (2019) 69, pp 1

Kinetic data for the adsorption of nickel ions from aqueous solutions
C. Hermann, B. Niemeyer 32 (2019) 70, pp 1

Particle diffusivities in free and porous media from dynamic light scattering applying a heterodyne detection scheme
M. S. G. Knoll, N. Vogel, D. Segets, M. H. Rausch, C. Giraudet, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 71, pp 1

Diffusion-wave inverse problem thermal conductivity depth-profile reconstructions using an integral equation approach
A. Mandelis, D. Zheng, A. Melnikov, S. Kooshki 32 (2019) 72, pp 1

Infrared Soret forced Rayleigh scattering apparatus using a single crystal diamond window to measure Soret and mass diffusion coefficient
H. Matsuura, Y. Nagasaka 32 (2019) 73, pp 1

Interdiffusion of two polymer layers during drying
L. Merklein, S. Raupp, P. Scharfer, W. Schabel 32 (2019) 74, pp 1

Molecular dynamics studies on shale gas and fracturing fluid diffusivity in shales
L. D. Peristeras, K. D. Papavasileiou, I. G. Economou 32 (2019) 75, pp 1

Shortening NMR diffusion experimental times
W. S. Price, A. Gupta, R. Masuda, T. Stait-Gardner, A. Torres, G. Zheng 32 (2019) 76, pp 1

Diffusion processes in soft matter studied by field-cycling proton NMR relaxometry
E. A. Rössler, M. Flämig, M. Hofmann, R. Meier, N. Fatkullin, B. Kresse, A. Privalov, F. Fujara 32 (2019) 77, pp 1

Exploration of diffusional phenomena during LOHC dehydrogenation with Pt/Al2O3-catalysts of varying pore sizes
P. S. Schulz, F. Auer, A. Bösmann, P. Wasserscheid 32 (2019) 78, pp 1

Beam induced dynamics in oxide glasses
C. Tietz, T. Fritz, K. Holzweber, M. Legenstein, B. Sepiol 32 (2019) 79, pp 1

Controlling methanol and water diffusion in Nafion via amine treatment
M. Kludskß, O. Vopička, P. Matějka, Š. Hovorka, K. Friess 32 (2019) 80, pp 1

Diffusion measurements using a volumetric differential pressure apparatus
J. Wang, E. Mangano, S. Brandani 32 (2019) 81, pp 1

Adsorption and diffusion in oxyfuel combustion – Linking experiment and MD simulation through graphite structures as a first example
C. Wedler, V. Angenent, Ö. Yönder, C. Hättig, R. Schmid, R. Span, M. Richter 32 (2019) 82, pp 1

Determination of diffusivities in fluid mixtures using light scattering techniques in and out of equilibrium
W. Wu, M. H. Rausch, C. Giraudet, A. P. Fröba 32 (2019) 83, pp 1

Establishment of the Shadowgraphy-setup for the measurements of non-equilibrium fluctuations
D. Zapf, W. Köhler 32 (2019) 84, pp 1

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