Conference: Diffusion Fundamentals IV

Basic Principles of Theory, Experiment and Application
August 21st - 24th, 2011
Troy, USA

Recent announcements for participants of DFIV:

(1) Car drivers & parking for Diffusion Fundamentals IV

For those traveling by car, the good news is that there is apparently no need to use a permit for the duration of the conference. Because of "Student Orientation", parking is free in the space around Academy Hall and CBIS, where the conference is held.

However, this also means that there will be quite a few people on campus from Monday-Wednesday, with classes starting the next week. Sunday should be easier.

Even though you can park for free, and should even be able to find a space quite easily sufficiently early in the morning, we therefore recommend to park your car at the parking of the Hilton, and to use the shuttle bus, especially on weekdays.

(2) Bringing a spouse / family to Diffusion Fundamentals IV

If you are traveling with your spouse or family, and they would participate in the social events (they are most welcome!), could you please let us know?

We are making reservations for dinners, musical theatre (Williamstown Theatre Festival), a museum visit (MASS MoCA), etc... -- some of these can be arranged and paid onsite, but it would clearly be most helpful to have some idea about the number of participants to these events, so that we can include them in our reservations.
Please contact diffusionfundamentals@gmail.com.

(3) Traveling to Diffusion Fundamentals IV

A) Car drivers: Please see paragraph (1) above.

B) If you come in by train from NY Penn Station or Montreal, you will arrive at Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Train Station, after a beautiful train ride along the Hudson River (2 1/2-hour from NYC). Exiting the train station, there will be a dispatcher from Capitaland Taxis. It is usually surprisingly difficult to get a private ride, but you can easily get a shared ride with Capitaland to the Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY. This will cost close to $30. There are no cheaper easy options I know of. You could also rent a car from Enterprise, which has a booth at the train station (I advise to please rent ahead of time via the Internet or phone, if you want to rent a car; in that case, see (1) above)

C) If you arrive by plane at Albany International Airport, there are various taxi companies that can bring you to the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY (make sure to specify Troy!). There are also several car rental companies; if you like to take that option, I advise to please rent ahead of time via the Internet or phone (for parking, see (1) above).

admin: Tomas Binder