Basic Principles of Diffusion Theory, Experiment and Application
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Dear Colleagues and Friends of "Diffusion Fundamentals",

With this, we are pleased to present the first issue of the Online Journal as an integral constituent of our web-site We cordially welcome you as the first readers of the new journal and pass a symbolic bunch of flowers to those colleagues who gave life to this initiative by sending us their contributions.

We trust that you share our enthusiasm for the novel possibilities in our field and hope that many of you will follow the first authors and thus benefit from the fascinating options of electronic publication. Having passed the initial stage of our journal launch - and assuming that we receive sufficiently fast support from an independent referee (who might be anyone of you) - your contributions are scheduled to appear essentially immediately after submission. For all submission details please consult the initial web-site of the online journal.

You are particularly invited to submit comments on the contributions published in our Online Journal. The Editors will attach such comments directly to the corresponding paper. We hope that by the rapid exchange of comments, questions and responses we will promote fruitful discussions of controversial points. This is an important aspect of scientific publication for which conventional journals are not well suited.

As a fortunate circumstance, the approaching Diffusion-Fundamentals I Conference, Leipzig, September 22 -24, 2005, will soon yield a dramatic increase in the number of publications in this online journal, since all plenary talks and poster contributions will be presented. We will also be able to include any last minute contributions to the conference. We would appreciate seeing you too among the participants of the approaching first Diffusion-Fundamentals Conference in Leipzig.

Jörg Kärger, Paul Heitjans, Farida Grinberg, Gunter Schütz

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