Basic Principles of Diffusion Theory, Experiment and Application
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volume 24, August 2015:

Special Issue "Diffusion Fundamentals VI - part 1"

Contains poster abstracts of the conference Diffusion Fundamentals VI
- Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society -

Scope of the conference: As a ubiquitous process of random movement, ranging from molecular up to macroscopic and even cosmic scales, diffusion is key to spreading phenomena in quite diverse areas. Bringing together scientists from disciplines as different as archaeology, ecology, epidemics, ethnology, linguistics and sociology with biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers, Diffusion Fundamentals VI is scheduled to highlight the astonishingly similar patterns of spreading phenomena in Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering.

The poster number at the conference corresponds to the article number in this issue.

Mortal creepers searching for a target
E. Abad, D. Campos, V. Méndez, S.B. Yuste and K. Lindenberg 24 (2015) 1, pp 1

Reduction of p-Nitrophenol to p-Aminophenol over Supported Monometallic Catalysts as a Model Reaction for Mass-Transfer Investigations
M. Al-Naji, M. Goepel, A. Roibu and R. Gläser 24 (2015) 2, pp 1

Adsorption and Desorption Studies of Lysozyme by Thermosensitive Fe3O4- PNIPAM Nanocomposite via Fluorescence Spectroscopy
E. Alveroglu, N. Ilker, A. Gökçeören and K. Koç 24 (2015) 3, pp 1

Evaluation of CO2 diffusion on aluminum based metal organic frameworks
D. Angı, A. Güneş Yeresikli, F. Çakıcıoğlu-Özkan 24 (2015) 4, pp 1

Current fluctuations in boundary driven diffusive systems
T. Becker, K. Nelissen and B. Cleuren 24 (2015) 5, pp 1

Diffusion at tilt grain boundaries in polycrystalline porous materials
J.S. Bhatt and M.-O. Coppens 24 (2015) 6, pp 1

Ultra-slow diffusion in processes with preferential relocations to places visited in the past
D. Boyer and I. Pineda 24 (2015) 7, pp 1

Application of Maxwell-Stefan equations to characterize silicalite membranes
D. Carter, B. Kruczek and F.H. Tezel 24 (2015) 8, pp 1

On the geometrical description of effective diffusion in confined environments: two-dimensional case
G. Chacón-Acosta, A. A. García-Chung and L. Dagdug 24 (2015) 9, pp 1

The effect of crystal diversity of nanoporous materials on mass transfer studies
J. Cousin Saint Remi, A. Lauerer, G. Baron, C. Chmelik, J. Denayer and J. Kärger 24 (2015) 10, pp 1

Spread of virus infections
V.L. de Rioja, J. Fort and N. Isern 24 (2015) 11, pp 1

Composite fuel cell materials studied by MAS PFG NMR diffusometry and MAS NMR spectroscopy
N. Dvoyashkina, D. Freude, C.F. Seidler, M. Wark and J. Haase 24 (2015) 12, pp 1

Study of the self-diffusion coefficient in the water-methanol binary mixture from the hydrogen bonding viewpoint using DOSY NMR
E. Fadaei and M. Tafazzoli 24 (2015) 13, pp 1

A 2D system of hard needles: event oriented molecular dynamics
M.E. Foulaadvand, A. Saiidi and M. Yarifard 24 (2015) 14, pp 1

Water adsorption kinetics and diffusion in dense SAPO-34 layers on porous aluminium fibre structures – macroscopic measurements by a Volumetric Differential Pressure Step Method
G. Füldner and A. Velte 24 (2015) 15, pp 1

Diffusion of CO2 in 5Å-zeolites by Frequency Response – Impact of assumed adsorption mechanisms
M. Galinsky and C. Breitkopf 24 (2015) 16, pp 1

On the geometrical description of the effective diffusion in confined environments: 3D channels
A.A. Garcia-Chung, G. Chacón-Acosta and L. Dagdug 24 (2015) 17, pp 1

Chaotic diffusion in periodic lattices with repulsive potentials
S. Gil, J. Solanpää, T. Hämälainen, E. Räsänen and R. Klages 24 (2015) 18, pp 1

Diffusion in MOFs: The surface barrier phenomenon
L. Heinke 24 (2015) 19, pp 1

Dynamic Light Scattering for the Determination of Thermal and Mutual Diffusivities of Liquids with Dissolved Gases in Chemical and Energy Engineering
A. Heller, T.M. Koller, M.H. Rausch, A. Leipertz and A.P. Fröba 24 (2015) 20, pp 1

On the asymptotic behavior of distributions of work performed on diffusion particles in time-varying potentials
V. Holubec, D. Lips, A. Ryabov, P. Chvosta and P. Maass 24 (2015) 21, pp 1

A model of anomalous extracellular diffusion: source location matters
J. Hrabe, F. Xiao, R. Colbourn and S. Hrabetova 24 (2015) 22, pp 1

Diffusive spread of substance through brain extracellular space in in vitro model of sleep and awake brain states
S. Hrabetova, A. Sherpa and F. Xiao 24 (2015) 23, pp 1

Fronts of language replacement
N. Isern and J. Fort 24 (2015) 24, pp 1

Computer modeling of atomic clusters formation in grain boundaries
A. Itckovich and B. Bokstein 24 (2015) 25, pp 1-2

Anomalous diffusion with heterogeneity in view of superstatistics
Y. Itto 24 (2015) 26, pp 1

Effective diffusion coefficient in one-dimensional heterogeneous solids: a comparison of continuous and discrete lattice models
J.R. Kalnins, E.A. Kotomin and V.N. Kuzovkov 24 (2015) 27, pp 1

Stories from the interior of porous materials – listened to by NMR
W. Kittler, H. Liu, F. Zong, S. A. Hertel, M. Nogueira d'Eurydice, X. Wang, P. Hosking, M. C. Simpson, T. A. Kuder, F. Laun, M. Hunter, S. Obruchkov and P. Galvosas 24 (2015) 28, pp 1

Phase transitions in driven single-file diffusion of suspended particles
J. KURNhals, M. Dierl and P. Maass 24 (2015) 29, pp 1

Diffusion-controlled kinetics of metallic colloid formation in irradiated Al2O3, MgO and NaCl crystals
V.N. Kuzovkov, E.A. Kotomin, A.I. Popov and R. Vila 24 (2015) 30, pp 1

Diffusion and self-assembly of charged nanoparticles in polar media: a competition between short-range and long-range interactions
V.N. Kuzovkov, G. Zvejnieks and E.A. Kotomin 24 (2015) 31, pp 1

4 Coupled compartments – an analytical solution for diffusion and reaction kinetics
W. Larisch 24 (2015) 32, pp 1

Interference and IR-Microscopy for Studies of Nanoporous Materials: An Insightful View on Intracrystalline Molecular Transport
A. Lauerer, C. Chmelik, J. Haase and J. Kärger 24 (2015) 33, pp 1

Calibration of the diffusion coefficients of the FCS standard Rhodamine 6G (Rh6G) in aqueous solutions
G. Majer and K. Zick 24 (2015) 34, pp 1

Testing the (time)1/4 quartic root Diffusion Law of Ceramics Rehydroxylation
M. Moinester, E. Piasetzky and J. Kärger 24 (2015) 35, pp 1

Transport of isopropanol in H-ZSM5 by impedance spectroscopy
T.Q. Nguyen, M. Glorius and C. Breitkopf 24 (2015) 36, pp 1

Investigating the relationship between social learning efficiency and the diffusion of innovations
J. Ounsley, K. Laland and G. Ruxton 24 (2015) 37, pp 1

Steady-state multicomponent gas diffusion in conical tubes and pores
F. Pille, J. Thöming and T. Veltzke 24 (2015) 38, pp 1

Diffusion and molecular exchange in hollow core-shell silica nanocapsules
A. Pochert, D. Schneider, J. Haase, M. Lindén and R. Valiullin 24 (2015) 39, pp 1

Modelling language shift in Carinthia, Austria
K. Prochazka and G. Vogl 24 (2015) 40, pp 1

Kinetics of dissolution of liquid Pb nano-inclusions attached to a dislocation in aluminum
S.I. Prokofjev, E. Johnson and U. Dahmen 24 (2015) 41, pp 1

Ragweed: diffusional spread and pollen load
R. Richter, M. Leitner and G. Vogl 24 (2015) 42, pp 1

Dehydration diffusion of B(OH)4-sodalite investigated by micro-Raman spectroscopy on single crystals and combined TG/IR on powders
C.H. Rüscher, F. Kiesel, A. Schulz, L. Schomborg and J.C. Buhl 24 (2015) 43, pp 1-2

Diffusion Limitations and Effectiveness Factor of Mesoporous and Hierarchically Structured Catalysts for SCR-DeNOx
E. Saraci, R. Arndt, J. Kullmann, D. Enke, T.-A. Meier, D. Belder, M.-O. Coppens and R. Gläser 24 (2015) 44, pp 1

Diffusion coefficient as a function of mass for globular macromolecules
M.J. Saxton 24 (2015) 45, pp 1

Collective dynamics in a multi-filament actin bundle
J. Schnauß, T. Golde, C. Schuldt, B. U. S. Schmidt, M. Glaser, D. Strehle, C. Heussinger and J. Käs 24 (2015) 46, pp 1

Fluctuation dissipation theorem and Onsager coefficients in driven diffusion systems
B. Siemer, V. Holubec, P. Chvosta and P. Maass 24 (2015) 47, pp 1

Dynamics of Linear and Cyclic Chains in Two Dimensions
A. Sikorski and P. Polanowski 24 (2015) 48, pp 1

Modelling the geographical origin of rice cultivation in Asia using the Rice Archaeological Database
F. Silva, C.J. Stevens, A. Weisskopf, C. Castillo, L. Qin, A. Bevan and D.Q. Fuller 24 (2015) 49, pp 1

Reaction fronts and ambipolar chemical diffusion in oxide crystals
M. Sinder, Z. Burshtein and J. Pelleg 24 (2015) 50, pp 1

Adsorption and diffusion of water and small alcohols in nanoporous materials for adsorptive heat transformation
T. Splith, C. Chmelik, F. Stallmach, S.K. Henninger, G. Füldner, P.D. Kolokathis, E. Pantatosaki and G.K. Papadopoulos 24 (2015) 51, pp 1

Disentangling Sources of Anomalous Diffusion
F. Thiel, F. Flegel and I.M. Sokolov 24 (2015) 52, pp 1

Monitoring the interplay between diffusion and reaction during catalytic conversion in nanoporous materials
T. Titze, C. Chmelik, J. Kullmann, L. Prager, E. Miersemann, R. Gläser, D. Enke, J. Weitkamp and J. Kärger 24 (2015) 53, pp 1

Multicomponent gas diffusion in conical tubes
T. Veltzke, L. Kiewidt and J. Thöming 24 (2015) 54, pp 1

The application of inverse gas chromatography to investigate diffusion resistance in FCC catalysts
D. Wallenstein, C.M. Fougret, S. Brandt and U. Hartmann 24 (2015) 55, pp 1

Optimization of bifunctional catalysts in the presence of diffusion limitations, by using a single particle model and a fixed bed model
G. Ye and M.-O. Coppens 24 (2015) 56, pp 1

Diffusion across the Interface of an Liquid-Liquid System
T. Zeiner 24 (2015) 57, pp 1-2

A local composition model for the prediction of mutual diffusion coefficients in binary liquid mixtures from tracer diffusion coefficients
Q. Zhu, G.D. Moggridge and C. D'Agostino 24 (2015) 58, pp 1

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