Basic Principles of Diffusion Theory, Experiment and Application
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volume 20, 2013:

Special Issue "Diffusion Fundamentals V"

Contains abstracts and full texts of Diffusion Fundamentals V conference.

Surprises from single-particle imaging of passive and active diffusion
Steve Granick 20 (2013) 1, pp 1

Hypothesis of unit rafts as organizers of the meso-scale domain structure and function in the plasma membrane
Akihiro Kusumi 20 (2013) 2, pp 1

How diffusion might lead to non-linear response
Freek van Hemert, B. Ewa Snaar Jagalska, Thomas Schmidt 20 (2013) 3, pp 1-2

Weak ergodicity breaking for anomalous diffusion
Eli Barkai 20 (2013) 4, pp 1

Diffusion driving the formation of functional nanoscale machines in cell membranes
Ilpo Vattulainen 20 (2013) 5, pp 1

Modeling DNA-translocation through nanopores: Two case studies
Peter Reimann, Andreas Meyer, Thomas Töws, Sebastian Getfert 20 (2013) 6, pp 1

Driven motion of colloids in active microrheology
Christian Harrer, Igor Gazuz, Thomas Voigtmann, Matthias Fuchs 20 (2013) 7, pp 1

Diffusive transport in corrugated channels
Gerhard Schmid, Peter Hänggi 20 (2013) 8, pp 1

The appeal of single-molecule and single-cell studies
Cees Dekker 20 (2013) 9, pp 1

Seeing is believing: Direct visualization of fluctuations in biopolymer networks with 3D thermal noise imaging
Ernst-Ludwig Florin, Tobias F. Bartsch, Martin Kochanczyk 20 (2013) 10, pp 1

Hydrodynamic resonance in optical traps & friction of molecular machines
Erik Schäffer 20 (2013) 11, pp 1

First passage times: A common theme in the kinetics of macromolecular motors
Debashish Chowdhury 20 (2013) 12, pp 1

Hot colloids in polymer networks: Cage formation and transient network deformation
Werner Köhler 20 (2013) 13, pp 1

Drivers and impacts of the spread of alien species in Europe
Ingolf Kühn 20 (2013) 14, pp 1

Dynamics in social fluids
Dan J.G. Pearce, George Rowlands, Matthew S. Turner 20 (2013) 15, pp 1

Active Brownian motion of asymmetric particles
Clemens Bechinger 20 (2013) 16, pp 1

Self-organization dynamics of active colloids
Masaki Sano, Hong-ren Jiang, Daiki Nishiguchi 20 (2013) 17, pp 1

Diffusion and organization in driven particles systems
Paul Chaikin, David Pine, Jeremie Palacci, John Royer 20 (2013) 18, pp 1

Diffusion in lithium ion conductors – From fundamentals to applications
Paul Heitjans 20 (2013) 19, pp 1-2

Ionic transport and pair formation in polymer electrolytes
Nicolaas A. Stolwijk 20 (2013) 20, pp 1

Glassy dynamics of polymers in geometrical confinement: From nanometric layers to single condensed isolated coils
Friedrich Kremer, Martin Treß, Emmanuel U. Mapesa, Wycliffe K. Kipnusu, Wilhelm Kossack 20 (2013) 21, pp 1-2

Single molecule study of heterogeneous dynamics in polymers
Subhasis Adhikari, Frank Cichos 20 (2013) 22, pp 1

Characterization of diffusion processes observed with measurement noise by the distribution of diffusivities
Michael Bauer, Günter Radons 20 (2013) 23, pp 1-2

Characterization of diffusion processes by the distribution of diffusivities
Tony Albers, Michael Bauer, Mario Heidernätsch, Günter Radons 20 (2013) 24, pp 1-2

Optical tracking of single Ag nanodots in nanostructured water films
Stefan Krause, Martin Hartmann, Ingolf Kahle, Martin Neumann, Stefan Spange, Christian von Borczyskowski 20 (2013) 25, pp 1-2

Diffusive protofilament switching of kinesin-8 investigated with optical tweezers
Michael Bugiel, Elisa Böhl, Erik Schäffer 20 (2013) 26, pp 1

Intracellular trafficking of lipoplexes: A particle image correlation spectroscopy (PICS) study
Stefano Coppola, Daniela Pozzi, Giulio Caracciolo, Thomas Schmidt 20 (2013) 27, pp 1

High speed single molecule tracking on lipid membranes
Jens Ehrig, Susann Spindler, Vahid Sandoghdar 20 (2013) 28, pp 1

Dancing along microtubules: Molecular mechanism of one-dimensional diffusive motion of proteins along microtubules
Sergii Gaidar, Stefan Diez 20 (2013) 29, pp 1

Cell stiffening and softening evoked by optical stress application
Roland Stange, Kenechukwu David Nnetu, Josef A. Käs 20 (2013) 30, pp 1

Diffusion in a hard-disk fluid with immobile particles: Molecular transport in the plasma membrane
Ziya Kalay1, Takahiro K. Fujiwara, Akihiro Kusumi 20 (2013) 31, pp 1-2

Modeling Ca2+ diffusion in brain extracellular space
Padideh Kamali-Zare, Charles Nicholson 20 (2013) 32, pp 1-2

Two-dimensional semiflexible polymers under external fields
Antonio Lamura, Roland G. Winkler 20 (2013) 33, pp 1

Diffusible crosslinkers generate directed forces in microtubule networks
Zdenek Lansky, Marcus Braun, Pieter Rein ten Wolde, Marcel E. Janson, Stefan Diez 20 (2013) 34, pp 1

Brain microscopy point spread function in a photon diffusion limit
David P. Lewis, Fanrong Xiao, Sabina Hrabetova, Jan Hrabe 20 (2013) 35, pp 1-2

Ring polymers diffusing in a gel: Topology and dynamics
Davide Michieletto, Davide Marenduzzo, Gareth P. Alexander, Enzo Orlandini, Matthew S. Turner 20 (2013) 36, pp 1-2

Kinesin and dynein respond differently to cytoplasmic drag
Guilherme Nettesheim, Rafael A. Longoria, Allyson M. Rice, George T. Shubeita 20 (2013) 37, pp 1

Assessment of GABARAP self-association by its diffusion properties
Victor Hugo Pacheco Torres 20 (2013) 38, pp 1

Interaction of semiflexible polymers and rod-like colloidal particles with strongly charged lipid membranes
Eugene P. Petrov, Anastasiia Artemieva, Christoph Herold, Petra Schwille 20 (2013) 39, pp 1

Cytoskeletal pinning prevents large-scale phase separation in model membranes
Eugene P. Petrov, Senthil Arumugam, Jens Ehrig, Petra Schwille 20 (2013) 40, pp 1

Translational diffusion at the surface of porous media with magnetic impurities via Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometry
Ioan Ardelean, Sergiu Muncaci, Codruta Badea, Alexandra Pop, Carlos Mattea, Siegfried Stapf 20 (2013) 41, pp 1-2

Structural and transport properties of hydrogen in ZIF-22
Uthumporn Arsawang, Siegfried Fritzsche, Wolfhard Janke, Jürgen Caro, Tawun Remsungnen, Supot Hannongbua 20 (2013) 42, pp 1-2

NMR studies of benzene mobility in metal-organic framework UiO-67
Bard A. Bendiksen, Eddy W. Hansen, Harald Walderhaug 20 (2013) 43, pp 1

Mass-transfer of binary mixtures in DDR single crystals
Tomas Binder, Christian Chmelik, Jörg Kärger, Douglas M. Ruthven 20 (2013) 44, pp 1-2

Projection of two-dimensional diffusion in a curved midline and narrow varying width channel on a curved surface
Guillermo Chacon-Acosta, Inti Pineda, Leonardo Dagdug 20 (2013) 45, pp 1

Enhancing diffusion selectivities by molecular traffic control in FER-type zeolites
Christian Chmelik, Florian Hibbe, Alexander Lauerer, Jörg Kärger, Jasper M. van Baten, Rajamani Krishna, V.R. Reddy Marthala, Jens Weitkamp 20 (2013) 46, pp 1-2

Diffusion and adsorption of N2 and C2H6 in ZIF-8 MD and MC simulations
Tadija Chokbunpiam, Rungroi Chanajaree, Oraphan Saengsawang, Siegfried Fritzsche, Christian Chmelik, Wolfhard Janke, Jürgen Caro, Tawun Remsungnen, Supot Hannongbua 20 (2013) 47, pp 1-2

Simplified theory to predict mixture diffusion in zeolites: Accounting for strong correlations and examining the role of adsorption thermodynamics
Sanjeev M. Rao, Marc-Olivier Coppens 20 (2013) 48, pp 1

Single-file dynamics in nanotubular materials probed by a combination of hyperpolarized tracer exchange and diffusion NMR techniques
Muslim Dvoyashkin, AipingWang, Hrishi Bhase, Sergey Vasenkov, Clifford R. Bowers 20 (2013) 49, pp 1-2

Diffusion investigation for hydrogen guest molecules in an adapted force field for ZIF-11
Siegfried Fritzsche, Philipp Schierz, Wolfhard Janke, Supot Hannongbua, Oraphan Saengsawang, Christian Chmelik 20 (2013) 50, pp 1-2

Surface diffusion of polymers on carbon nanotubes
Istvan Furo, Ricardo Fernandes, Michael Shtein, Ilan Pri Bar, Oren Regev, Eduardo F. Marques 20 (2013) 51, pp 1-2

Fermi acceleration induces self-organized critical characteristics to the driven Lorentz channel
Alexandros K. Karlis, Fotios K. Diakonos, Christoph Petri, Peter Schmelcher 20 (2013) 52, pp 1-2

Transport into zeolite nanosheets: Diffusion equations put to test
Nils E.R. Zimmermann, Timm J. Zabel, Frerich J. Keil 20 (2013) 53, pp 1-2

The inter and intra-molecular dynamics of polymethylphenylsiloxane under 1-D and 2-D confinement
Wycliffe K. Kipnusu, Emmanuel U. Mapesa, Wilhelm Kossack, Friedrich Kremer 20 (2013) 54, pp 1-2

On the nature of adsorption sites for CO2 in MOF Zn2(bdc)2dabco
Mikulas Peksa, Sareeya Bureekaew, Rochus Schmid, Jan Lang, Frank Stallmach 20 (2013) 55, pp 1

Molecular dynamics investigation of the transport of hydrogen in ZIF-7
Pooneh Pilvar, Siegfried Fritzsche, Jürgen Caro, Wolfhard Janke 20 (2013) 56, pp 1

Polymer translocation through a nanopore: Impact of fluctuations on dynamical scaling
Vakhtang G. Rostiashvili, Johan L. Dubbeldam, Andrey Milchev, Thomas A. Vilgis 20 (2013) 57, pp 1

Exploring diffusion and reaction in nanoporous catalysts by IR micro-imaging
Tobias Titze, Christian Chmelik, Dirk Enke, Roger Gläser, Jens Kullmann, Jörg Kärger, Lutz Prager, Jens Weitkamp 20 (2013) 58, pp 1-2

Single-particle and ensemble diffusivities – Test of ergodicity
Florian Feil, Sergej Naumov, Jens Michaelis, Rustem Valiullin, Dirk Enke, Christoph Bräuchle, Jörg Kärger2 20 (2013) 59, pp 1-2

Correlating phase state and transport in hierarchical mesoporous materials
Philipp Zeigermann, Dirk Mehlhorn, Jörg Kärger, Rustem Valiullin 20 (2013) 60, pp 1

Resonant optical tweezers with anti-reflection coated titania microspheres
Mohammad K. Abdosamadi, Anita Jannasch, Erik Schäffer 20 (2013) 61, pp 1

Gold nanostructure assisted thermophoretic trapping of single nano-objects
Marco Braun, Frank Cichos 20 (2013) 62, pp 1

Effective time-dependent temperature in hot Brownian motion
Gianmaria Falasco, Manuel V. Gnann, Daniel Rings, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Klaus Kroy 20 (2013) 63, pp 1-2

Two-step memory within Continuous Time Random Walk
Tomasz Gubiec, Ryszard Kutner 20 (2013) 64, pp 1

Diffusion of ragweed under climate change. Cost benefit-analysis for reducing allergies
Robert Richter, Uwe E. Berger, Stefan Dullinger, Franz Essl, Michael Leitner, Matthew Smith, Gero Vogl 20 (2013) 65, pp 1-2

Diffusion and freezing transition of rod-like DNA origami on freestanding lipid membranes
Eugene P. Petrov, Aleksander Czogalla, Dominik J. Kauert, Ralf Seidel, Petra Schwille 20 (2013) 66, pp 1

Translational and rotational diffusion of semiflexible DNA polymers and rod-like fd virus particles on weakly charged freestanding cationic lipid membranes
Eugene P. Petrov, Christoph Herold, Petra Schwille 20 (2013) 67, pp 1

Simulation of diffusion in a crowded environment: The application of the Dynamic Lattice Liquid Model (DLL)
Piotr Polanowski, Andrzej Sikorski 20 (2013) 68, pp 1

Self-diffusion in a macroscopically aligned lyotropic hexagonal phase templated hydrogel
Scott A. Willis, Gary R. Dennis, Gang Zheng, William S. Price 20 (2013) 69, pp 1-2

Stochastic fluctuations of vesicles – Extracting material parameters from incomplete projected information
S. Alex Rautu, George Rowlands, Matthew S. Turner 20 (2013) 70, pp 1

Wanted: Scalable tracers for diffusion
Michael J. Saxton 20 (2013) 71, pp 1

Internal friction of a migrating Holliday junction
Hergen Brutzer, Alexander Huhle, Daniel Klaue, Ralf Seidel 20 (2013) 72, pp 1

Protein diffusion on DNA
Jasmina Dikic, Georgij Kostiuk, Virginijus Siksnys, Ralf Seidel 20 (2013) 73, pp 1

Tracing molecular propagation in dextran solution by pulsed field gradient NMR
Alexander Shakhov, Jörg Kärger, Rustem Valiullin 20 (2013) 74, pp 1-2

Interference reflection microscopy to visualize sub-diffraction limited objects in 3D
Steve Simmert, Erik Schäffer 20 (2013) 75, pp 1

Dynamics of single DNA molecules in spatial confinement
Evgeni Sperling, Ronny Sczech, Michael Mertig 20 (2013) 76, pp 1

Rapid internal contraction boosts DNA friction
Oliver Otto, Sebastian Sturm, Nadanai Laohakunakorn, Ulrich Keyser, Klaus Kroy 20 (2013) 77, pp 1

Integrative optical imaging of molecular diffusion in strong light scattering brain tissue
Lian Tao, Anna Tao, Robert G. Thorne, Charles Nicholson 20 (2013) 78, pp 1

Individually tunable micromachines driven by laser induced self propelled thermophoresis
Andreas Bregulla, Haw Yang, Frank Cichos 20 (2013) 79, pp 1-2

Suppressing rotational diffusion of Janus particles by surface modifications for directed thermophoretic motion
Katrin Günther, Andreas Bregulla, Martin Bönsch, Frank Cichos, Michael Mertig 20 (2013) 80, pp 1-2

Correlated thermal motion of two liquid Pb inclusions on a dislocation in an Al-based alloy
Sergei I. Prokofjev, Erik Johnson, Ulrich Dahmen 20 (2013) 81, pp 1-2

Modelling the oxygen diffusion profile in St 707 non evaporablegetter material
Sefer Avdiaj, Fisnik Aliaj, Naim Syla 20 (2013) 82, pp 1

Unconsolidated material characteristics obtained by PFGNMR using (two) different probe molecules
Bard A. Bendiksen, Espen H. Blokkdal, Eddy W. Hansen 20 (2013) 83, pp 1-2

Theoretical investigation of one- two- and three-dimensional Li diffusion in solids
Thomas Bredow, Mazharul M. Islam 20 (2013) 84, pp 1

Extreme mobility: Low-temperature NMR probes highly diffusive Li+ ions in argyrodite-type Li6PSe5Cl and Li6PS5Br
Viktor Epp, Özgül Gün, Hans-Jörg Deiseroth, Martin Wilkening 20 (2013) 85, pp 1-2

Ion and water mobility in hydrated Li-LSX zeolite studied by 1H, 6Li and 7Li NMR spectroscopy and diffusometry
Dieter Freude, Steffen Beckert, Frank Stallmach, Jörg Kärger, Jürgen Haase 20 (2013) 86, pp 1

Diffusion and self-avoiding walks on percolation clusters
Niklas Fricke, Wolfhard Janke 20 (2013) 87, pp 1

Determining surface diffusion properties from signal fluctuations
Susanne Hahne, Philipp Maass 20 (2013) 88, pp 1-2

Thermal diffusivity measurements with a single nanoparticle
Andre Heber, Markus Selmke, Frank Cichos 20 (2013) 89, pp 1

Determination of eigenvalues of the diffusion tensor in anisotropic system with spatial orientation change
Mario Heidernätsch., Günter Radons 20 (2013) 90, pp 1-2

Propagation of solid-liquid interfaces under disordered confinements
Daria Kondrashova, Philipp Zeigermann, Rustem Valiullin 20 (2013) 91, pp 1

Water permeation across lipid bilayers studied by pulsed field gradient NMR
Frank Lange, Jan-Nicolas Leiste, Ruth Bärenwald, Kay Saalwächter 20 (2013) 92, pp 1

IR Micro-imaging of mesoporous silicon as a model system for the investigation of hysteresis phenomena
Alexander Lauerer, Philipp Zeigermann, Jörg Lenzner, Christian Chmelik, Rustem Valiullin, Jörg Kärger 20 (2013) 93, pp 1-2

Dependence of the relaxation time T2 on a fluid flow velocity in a porous media
Valentin Loskutov 20 (2013) 94, pp 1-2

Diffusion of CO2 in ion-exchanged zeolites Rho studied by the ZLC technique
Enzo Mangano1, Stefano Brandani, Magdalena M. Lozinska, Paul A. Wright 20 (2013) 95, pp 1

Diffusion in mesoporous zeolites
Dirk Mehlhorn, Rustem Valiullin, Jörg Kärger, Ryong Ryoo 20 (2013) 96, pp 1

Carbon Molecular Sieves – A kinetic study
Andreas Möller, Joachim Guderian, Marcus Lange, Jens Möllmer 20 (2013) 97, pp 1

Application of a steady states transport model to condensation of water droplets on a substrate
Hannes Nagel, Jürgen Vollmer, Wolfhard Janke 20 (2013) 98, pp 1

On the question of subaging in slow non-equilibrium dynamics
Hendrik Pils, Philipp Maass 20 (2013) 99, pp 1-2

Formation of a-(Ti) phase on grain boundaries in Ti-Co alloys
Alena S. Gornakova, Sergei I. Prokofjev, Boris B. Straumal 20 (2013) 100, pp 1

MD simulations of 1,4 - polybutadiene at graphite surfaces
Mathieu Solar, Leonid Yelash, Peter Virnau, Kurt Binder, Wolfgang Paul 20 (2013) 101, pp 1

Studies of atomic scale diffusion by X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy
Markus Stana, Michael Leitner, Manuel Ross and Bogdan Sepiol 20 (2013) 102, pp 1-2

Guest molecule diffusion and conformation influenced by local liquid crystal structure
Daniela Täuber, Kathrin Radscheit, Rafael Camacho, Ivan Scheblykin, Christian von Borczyskowski 20 (2013) 103, pp 1-2

Kinetic peculiarities of two-component diffusion saturation of titanium under rarefied nitrogen-oxygen-containing medium
Yaroslav Matychak, Oleh Tkachuk, Iryna Pohrelyuk, Viktor Fedirko 20 (2013) 104, pp 1-3

A combined sparse sampling of time-gradient domain for NMR diffusometry and relaxometry
Mateusz Urbanczyk, Wiktor Kozminski, Krzysztof Kazimierczuk 20 (2013) 105, pp 1

Diffusion in LixNa2-xTi6O13 investigated with impedance spectroscopy
Kai Volgmann, Katharina Bösebeck, Paul Heitjans 20 (2013) 106, pp 1-2

7Li ion diffusion in isotope-diluted glassy Li2Si3O7 — The generation of pure spin-3/2 spin-alignment NMR echoes
Dominik Wohlmuth, Viktor Epp, Ute Bauer, Anna-Maria Welsch, Harald Behrens, Martin Wilkening 20 (2013) 107, pp 1

Condensation of a lattice gas in three dimensions
Johannes Zierenberg, Micha Wiedenmann, Wolfhard Janke 20 (2013) 108, pp 1

Prediction of mutual diffusion coefficients in non-ideal binary mixtures from PFG-NMR diffusion measurements
Carmine D'Agostino, Geoff D. Moggridge, Lynn F. Gladden, Mick D. Mantl 20 (2013) 109, pp 1-2

Projection of two-dimensional diffusion in a curved midline and narrow varying width channel embedded on a curved surface
Guillermo Chacon-Acosta, Inti Pineda, Leonardo Dagdug 20 (2013) 110, pp 1-8

Diffusion and polymers in fractal, disordered environments
Niklas Fricke, Johannes Bock, Wolfhard Janke 20 (2013) 111, pp 1-10

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