Basic Principles of Diffusion Theory, Experiment and Application
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volume 1, 2005:
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volume 2, 2005:

  • Editorial
  • 1. Past and Future
  • 2. Theory and Modelling
  • 3. Solids
  • 4. Fluids
  • 5. Holes and Channels
  • 6. Soft Matter: From (Bio-)Molecules to Man

    1. Past and Future

    One and a Half Century of Diffusion: Fick, Einstein, before and beyond
    Jean Philibert
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 1

    Diffusion and Brownian Motion Analogies in the Migration of Atoms, Animals, Men and Ideas
    Gero Vogl
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 2

    Theory and Simulation of Fick’s Historical Verification of the 2nd Law
    M. E. Glicksman, R. DiDomizio, A. Lupulescu
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 3

    2. Theory and Modelling

    Anomalous Conductance and Diffusion in Complex Networks
    Shlomo Havlin, Eduardo López, Sergey V. Buldyrev, H. Eugene Stanley
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 4

    Single-File Diffusion far from Equilibrium
    Gunter M. Schütz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 5

    Correlating Self- and Transport Diffusion in the Knudsen Regime
    Armin Bunde, Jörg Kärger, Stefanie Russ, Stephan Zschiegner
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 6

    Hierarchical Simulations of Diffusion in Zeolites
    George K. Papadopoulos, Doros N. Theodorou
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 7

    Phenomenological Coefficients in Solid-State Diffusion: an Introduction
    Graeme E. Murch, Irina V. Belova
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 8

    Computer Simulation of the Formation of Hollow Nanocrystals
    I. V. Belova, G. E. Murch
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 9

    Molecular Traffic Control in Porous Nanoparticles
    A. Brzank, G. Schütz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 10

    Molecular Simulation of Gas Transport in Nanoporous Carbons
    Qiong Cai, A. Buts, N. Seaton, M. Biggs
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 11

    N-Body Potentials in Simulation of Point Defect Properties
    A. S. Chirkov, A. V. Nazarov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 12

    Effect of Water Adsorption on the Thermodynamics and Dynamics of the Extra-Framework Cations in Zeolite Systems
    B. Coasne, G. Maurin, A. Nicolas, S. Devautour-Vinot, J.-C. Giuntini, F. Henn
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 13

    Anomalous Knudsen Diffusion in Simple Pore Models
    A.J. Dammers, M.-O. Coppens
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 14

    A Microscopic Flow Model Based on Brownian Dynamics for Simulating Ionic Diffusion in Glasses
    G. Darricarrere, J. Dutour, F. Henn
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 15

    Exploring the Extreme Transport Conditions through Membranes by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    J. Gulín-González, A. Schüring, S. Vasenkov, S. Fritzsche, J. Kärger
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 16

    Anomalous Diffusion in Ionically Conducting Glasses
    J. Habasaki, K. L. Ngai, Y. Hiwatari
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 17

    Metastability in the Zero-Range Process
    R. J. Harris, J. Kaupužs, R. Mahnke
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 18

    Surface Diffusion and Growth of Alloy Nanoclusters: A Monte Carlo Study
    S. Heinrichs, M. Einax, W. Dieterich, P. Maass, A. Majhofer
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 19

    Understanding the Loading Dependence of Self-Diffusion in Carbon Nanotubes
    S. Jakobtorweihen, C. P. Lowe, F. J. Keil, B. Smit
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 20

    Calculation of the Effective Diffusion Coefficient for Heterogeneous Media
    J.R. Kalnin, E.A. Kotomin, J. Maier, V.N. Kuzovkov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 21

    Modelling of Anion Transport in YZrON
    M. Kilo, T. Bredow
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 22

    Oxygen Transport and Association in Yttria Stabilised Zirconia
    M. Kilo, R. A. Jackson
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 23

    Deterministic Chaos and Diffusion: From Theory to Experiments
    R. Klages
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 24

    Dynamics of Polymer Melts Confined in Porous Media Probed by Computer Simulation - Influence of Corset Effect
    M. Kroutieva, T. Shakirov, N. Fatkullin, R. Kimmich
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 25

    Anderson Localization and Generalized Diffusion
    V. Kuzovkov, W. v. Niessen
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 26

    Forced Oscillations in Self-Oscillating Surface Reaction Models
    V. Kuzovkov, G. Zvejnieks, O. Kortlüke, W. v. Niessen
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 27

    Modelling of Diffusion-Controlled Pattern Formation in Thin Metallic Film Growth on Crystalline Substrates
    V. Kuzovkov, E. Kotomin, G. Zvejnieks
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 28

    Potential Calculations and MD Simulations of n-Pentane in Silicalite-1
    A. Loisruangsin, S. Fritzsche, S. Hannongbua
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 29

    Ion Diffusion in Mixed Alkali Glasses
    P. Maass, R. Peibst, S. Schott
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 30

    Parameter Dependence of Ballistic Velocity in Deterministic Diffusion in the Form of Devil’s Staircase
    Syuji Miyazaki, Masaomi Yoshida, Hirokazu Fujisaka
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 31

    Theory of Diffusion under Stress
    A. V. Nazarov, A. A. Mikheev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 32

    Diffusion of Methanol in Zeolites: a Molecular Dynamics Study
    D. F. Plant, G. Maurin, R. G. Bell
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 33

    Rotational Motion of n-Pentane in H-ZK5
    O. Saengsawang, P. C. M. M. Magusin, T. Remsungnen, A. Loisruangsin, S. Fritzsche, A. Schüring, S. Hannongbua
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 34

    Diffusion between Interstitial Sites in the Hexagonal C14 AB2 Structure
    C. A. Sholl
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 35

    Numerical Evidence for the Validity of the Local Equilibrium Hypothesis - The n-Octane Vapor-Liquid Interface
    J.-M. Simon, S. Kjelstrup, D. Bedeaux
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 36

    Kinetics of Adsorption of Linear and Branched C6 Alkanes onto ZSM-5 Zeolite - Experiments and Molecular Simulations
    J.-M. Simon, E. Fardet-Lemaire, I. Bezverkhyy, J.-P. Bellat, F. Baras
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 37

    Boundary-Value Problems for the Diffusion Equation in Domains with Disconnected Boundary
    S. D. Traytak
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 38

    Simulation of Diffusion under Pressure in BCC Metals
    I. Valikova, A. Nazarov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 39

    Non-Fickian Interdiffusion of Dynamically Asymmetric Species: A Molecular Dynamics Study
    J. Yaneva, B. Dünweg, A. Milchev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 40

    Determining Binary Diffusion Coefficients for Mixtures in Zeolites from PFG NMR, MD Simulation, and Theory
    Qi Zhao, Shaji Chempath, R. Q. Snurr
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 41

    Self- and Transport Diffusion in Narrow Pores with Different Roughness
    S. Zschiegner, S. Russ, A. Bunde, J. Kärger
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 42

    3. Solids

    On the Validity of the Einstein’s Relation and the Fick I Law on the Nanoscale
    Dezso L. Beke, Zoltán Erdélyi
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 43

    Diffusion in Nanocrystalline Solids
    Alan V. Chadwick
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 44

    Solid-State Diffusion and NMR
    Paul Heitjans, Sylvio Indris, Martin Wilkening
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 45

    Oxygen Diffusion in Oxide Crystals - Tracing New Routes to Identify the Rate Limiting Step of Oxygen Permeation through Perovskite Membranes
    Haihui Wang, Weishen Yang, Cristina Tablet, Jürgen Caro
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 46

    Enhanced Ionic Conductivity in Heavily Doped Ceria Nanoceramics
    M. G. Bellino, D. G. Lamas, N. E. Walsöe de Reca
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 47

    Carbon Interstitial Diffusion in γ-Fe
    I. V. Belova, G. E. Murch
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 48

    Numerical Study of Grain Boundary Diffusion: Size Effects
    D. Gryaznov, J. Fleig, J. Maier
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 49

    Li Diffusion in LiAlO2 Single Crystals Studied with NMR Spectroscopy
    S. Indris, R. Uecker, P. Heitjans
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 50

    BaTiO3 Formation by Solid State Reactions on Rutile Single Crystals
    A. Lotnyk, S. Senz, D. Hesse
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 51

    Stimuli and Mechanisms of Diffusion Mass-Transport in the Processes of Structural-Phase Changes in Metallic Materials under High-Rate Deformation
    Y.S. Nechaev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 52

    On the Physics of the Apparent Solubility and Diffusivity of Hydrogen in Metals and Alloys, Relevance for Revealing the Hydrogen-Assisted Damage Micromechanisms
    Y.S. Nechaev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 53

    Anomalies of the Diffusion Mass-Transfer during 2D-Decomposition of Superconducting Yba2Cu3O6+X/Y2BaCuO5 Composites
    Y.S. Nechaev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 54

    Mössbauer Investigation of Segregation and Diffusion Mechanism of 119mSn in Poly- and Nanocrystalline Nb Grain Boundaries
    V. Popov, V. Kaigorodov, E. Popova, T. Pavlov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 55

    Diffusion of Nano-Sized Liquid Pb Inclusions in Thin Aluminum Foils
    S. Prokofjev, V. Zhilin, E. Johnson, U. Dahmen
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 56

    Calculation of Diffusivities in Ordering f.c.c. Alloy by the Kinetic Data about Short- and Long-Range Order Parameters’ Relaxation
    T. Radchenko, V. Tatarenko, S. Bokoch
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 57

    Dynamics in FePt Thin Films Studied by Grazing Incidence Synchrotron Reflexion on Isotopic Multilayers
    M. Rennhofer, M. Sladecek, D. Kmiec, S. Stankov, B. Sepiol, G. Vogl, R. Rüffer, A. Vantomme, J. Meersschaut
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 58

    Fundamentals of Self-Diffusion in Amorphous Si-(B-)C-N
    H. Schmidt
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 59

    Ultraslow Cation Diffusion in Li Intercalated Cubic TiS2
    M. Wilkening, P. Heitjans
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 60

    Interdiffusion in Quasi-Ternary Semiconductor Systems of GeTe/SnTe/PbTe
    L. V. Yashina, V. Leute, H. M. Schmidtke, V. I. Shtanov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 61

    Formation Mechanism of Plateau, Rapid Fall and Tail in Phosphorus Diffusion Profile in Silicon Based on the Pair Diffusion Models of Vacancy Mechanism and Interstitial Mechanism
    Masayuki Yoshida, Masami Morooka, Shuji Tanaka, Manabu Takahashi
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 62

    4. Fluids

    How Two Pairs of Gradient Pulses Give Access to New Information about Molecular Dynamics
    Paul T. Callaghan
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 64

    Multicomponent Diffusion Coefficients in Liquids from Model-Based Raman Spectroscopy
    A. Bardow, V. Göke, H.-J. Koß, E. Kriesten, K. Lucas, W. Marquardt
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 65

    Residue Specific Studies of NH Exchange Rates Performed on Ubiquitin
    T. Brand, G. A. Morris, E. J. Cabrita, H.-J. Hofmann, S. Berger
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 66

    Particle Diffusion Coefficient and Dynamic Viscosity in Non-Ideal Liquid Mixtures by Dynamic Light Scattering
    C. Botero, H. Kremer, A. P. Fröba, A. Leipertz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 67

    Self-Diffusion Slowdown in Liquid Indium and Gallium under Confinement
    E. V. Charnaya, Cheng Tien, D. Michel, M.K. Lee, W. Wang
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 68

    Liquid Viscosity and Surface Tension by Surface Light Scattering
    A. P. Fröba, C. Botero, H. Kremer, A. Leipertz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 69

    Mutual Diffusion Coefficient in Fluids by Dynamic Light Scattering
    A. P. Fröba, C. Botero, H. Kremer, A. Leipertz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 70

    Apparent Longitudinal Relaxation of Mobile Spins in Thin, Periodically Excited Slices
    A. Gädke, N. Nestle
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 71

    Thermal Diffusivity of Fluids by Dynamic Light Scattering
    H. Kremer, C. Botero, A. P. Fröba, A. Leipertz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 72

    Molecular Motions of Calix[4]Arene and Thiacalix[4]Arene in Solution Studied by NMR Relaxation
    J. Lang, K. Šetková, V. Deckerová, P. Lhoták, J. Czernek
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 73

    ESRI Study of Diffusion Processes in Poly(2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Gels and Concentrated Solutions
    A. Marek, J. Labský, J. Pilar
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 74

    NMR Diffusion Experiments for Complex Systems
    K. I. Momot, D. G. Regan, P. W. Kuchel
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 75

    Molecular Motion in Thin Liquid Films near Surface Steps
    A. Schob, F. Cichos
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 76

    5. Holes and Channels

    The Technological Impact of Diffusion in Nanopores
    Douglas M. Ruthven
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 77

    Molecular Diffusion under Confinement
    Jörg Kärger
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 78

    NMR Imaging as a Tool for Studying the Diffusion and Co-Diffusion of Gases in Zeolite Catalysts
    Jacques Fraissard
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 79

    Evidence for Subdomains in Large Crystals of NaX Zeolite
    Z. Adem, F. Guenneau, M.-A. Springuel-Huet, A. Gédéon
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 80

    Diffusion of Cyclohexane and Cyclopentane Confined in Mesoporous MCM-41
    D. W. Aksnes, K. Førland
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 81

    Synthesis and Catalytic Performance of Large Zeolite Y Crystals
    C. Berger, R. A. Rakoczy, R. Gläser, J. Weitkamp
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 82

    Diffusion of n-Alkanes in MFI-Type Zeolites: a Comparative Study with Different Measuring Techniques
    V. Bourdin, S. Brandani, A. Gunadi, H. Jobic, C. Krause, J. Kärger, W. Schmidt
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 83

    A Remarkable Non-Monotonical Chain-Length Dependence: Diffusion of n-Alkanes in Zeolites LTA
    S. Brandani, J. Caro, H. Jobic, C. Krause, J. Kärger, A. Möller, D. M. Ruthven, R. Staudt, Xiaobo Yang
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 84

    Measurement of Diffusivities of Helium and Argon in Silicalite by Static Single Crystal Membrane Technique
    E. Chalhoub, D.B. Shah
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 85

    Transport Diffusivity in Zeolites: Possible Reasons for Misleading Results of Macroscopic Techniques
    C. Chmelik, P. Kortunov, S. Vasenkov, T. Ito, J. Kärger, J. Konatowski, J. Weitkamp, D. M. Ruthven
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 86

    PFG NMR Measurement of Molecular Diffusion in Cation-Free Zeolites of Type LTA
    A. Corma, J. Kärger, C. Krause
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 87

    Moments Method Applied to the In-Situ Characterisation of Normal Butane Mass Transfer in MFI Zeolite Membranes
    L. Courthial, A. Baudot, E. Jolimaitre, M. Tayakout, C. Jallut
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 88

    Coefficients in Solid-State Diffusion by Inverse Gas Chromatography
    A. V. Dremetsika, P. A. Siskos, N. A. Katsanos
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 89

    New Options for Measuring Molecular Diffusion in Zeolites by MAS PFG NMR
    M. Fernandez, A. Pampel, D. Freude, J. Kärger
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 90

    NMR Imaging as a Tool for Studying the Diffusion and Co-Diffusion of Gases in Zeolite Catalysts
    J. Fraissard
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 91

    Transport Properties of Catalyst Supports Derived from a Catalytic Test Reaction
    F. Friedel, F. Janowski, T. Hahn, D. Enke
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 92

    Effects of Surface Roughness on Transport Properties of Porous Media
    M. Kainourgiakis, T. Steriotis, E. Kikkinides, A. Stubos, S. Vasenkov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 93

    Single Molecule Spectroscopy: Translational and Rotational Diffusion of Single Fluorescent Dyes in Nano-Structured Porous Materials
    J. Kirstein, C. Jung, C. Hellriegel, C. Bräuchle
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 94

    Transport Properties of Guest Molecules in Mesoporous SBA-15 Materials - A PFG NMR Study
    P. Kortunov, R. Valiullin, J. Kärger, V. Meynen, E. Vansant
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 95

    Time- and Spatially-Resolved Study of Methanol Sorption in Ferrierite Crystals using Interference and IR Microscopy
    P. Kortunov, C. Chmelik, J. Kärger, R. A. Rakoczy, D. M. Ruthven, Y. Traa, S. Vasenkov, J. Weitkamp, T. Ito
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 96

    Investigations of Molecular Diffusion in FCC Catalysts
    P. Kortunov, S. Vasenkov, J. Kärger, M. Fé Elía, M. Perez, M. Stöcker, G. K. Papadopoulos, D. Theodorou, B. Drescher, G. McElhiney, B. Bernauer, V. Krystl, M. Kocirík, A. Zikánová, H. Jirglová, C. Berger, R. Gläser, J. Weitkamp, E.W. Hansen
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 97

    Concentration Dependence of Transport and Corrected Diffusivities of n-Hexane in Silicalite Measured by QENS
    N. Laloué, C. Laroche, H. Jobic
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 98

    The Release Properties of the Mesoporous Materials SBA-15 and PHTS for their Use in the Controlled Release of Ibuprofen and Vancomycin
    K. J.F. Lievens, V. Meynen, P. Cool, E. F. Vansant, G. V. Baron, J. F.M. Denayer
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 99

    Mechanisms of Hydrogen Sorption, Solubility and Diffusivity in Carbon Nanomaterials, Relevance to the On-Board Storage Problem
    Yu.S. Nechaev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 100

    The Sorption Dynamics of C3 Hydrocarbons over Carbon Nanotubes
    G. Onyestyák, Z. Ötvös, J. Valyon, I. Kiricsi, L. V. C. Rees
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 101

    Innovative Methods for the Characterization of Ceramic Nanofiltration Membranes Modified by TEOS/O3 Chemical Vapor Deposition
    G.E. Romanos, A. Labropoulos, N. Kanellopoulos
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 102

    NMR Studies of Diffusion and Pore Size Distribution on Water-Containing Aquifer Rocks and Construction Materials
    W. Schönfelder, F. Stallmach, H. Huinink, K. Kopinga
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 103

    Entropic Barriers for the Diffusion of Molecules under Confinement
    A. Schüring, S. Fritzsche, S. M. Auerbach
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 104

    Analytical Model for Extrapolation of Experimental NMR Diffusion Studies to Reaction Conditions for Formulated Catalyst Particles
    F. Stallmach, S. Crone
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 105

    Gas Diffusion in Polycrystalline MFI-Type Zeolite Membranes
    Hiromitsu Takaba, Atsushi Yamamoto, Kikuko Hayamizu, Shin-ichi Nakao
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 106

    Adsorption Hysteresis in Nanopores: Options to a Comparative Study Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Computer Simulation Methods
    R. Valiullin, J. Kärger, P. Monson
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 107

    Adsorption and Self-Diffusion of Water and Benzene Molecules Adsorbed in Synthetic Opal Samples
    R. Vartapetian, E. Khozina, I. Bardyshev
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 108

    Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Arrays
    E. Vermisoglou, G. Pilatos, V. Georgakilas, E. Topoglidis, N. Kanellopoulos
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 109

    Effect of the Acid Properties on the Diffusion of C7 Hydrocarbons in UL-ZSM-5 Materials
    Hoang Vinh-Thang, Qinglin Huang, A. Ungureanu, M. Eic, Do Trong-On, S. Kaliaguine
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 110

    Mass Transport in the Hierarchical Porous Structure of Zeolite-Based Composite Membranes
    A. Zikánová, P. Hrabánek, M. Kocirík, L. Brabec, K. Juristová, P. Capek, B. Bernauer, V. Hejtmánek, O. Šolcová, P. Uchytil
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 111

    6. Soft Matter: From (Bio-)Molecules to Man

    Applications of Pulsed Gradient Spin-Echo NMR Diffusion Measurements to Solution Dynamics and Organization
    William S. Price
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 112

    Molecules Dancing in Membranes
    Ilpo Vattulainen
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 113

    Photon Diffusion in Biological Tissues
    Olga K. Dudko, George H. Weiss
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 114

    Diffusion Imaging of the Brain: Technical Considerations and Practical Applications
    David G. Norris
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 115

    Anisotropic Solute and Solvent Diffusion in Protein Crystals
    R. Archipov, A. Cvetkovic, F. Stallmach, A. J.J. Straathof
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 116

    Spatial Redistribution of Boron Implanted into Poly-(Di-n-Hexyl Silane), (PDHSi)
    D. Fink, M. Müller, M. Behar, R. M. Papaleo
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 117

    Diffusion Exchange NMR Spectroscopic Study of Dextran Exchange through Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Capsules
    P. Galvosas, Ying Qiao, P. T. Callaghan, T. Adalsteinsson, M. Schönhoff
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 118

    Ultraslow Molecular Dynamics of Organized Fluids: NMR Experiments and Monte-Carlo Simulations
    F. Grinberg
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 119

    Fast Optical Tracking of Diffusion in Brain Extracellular Space
    J. Hrabe, S. Hrabetova
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 120

    Dead Spaces Hinder Diffusion and Contribute to Tortuosity of Brain Extracellular Space
    S. Hrabetova, Lian Tao, J. Hrabe, C. Nicholson
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 121

    Fluid Self-Diffusion in Scots Pine Sapwood and Silica Wood Replicas
    E. H. Johannessen, E. W. Hansen, J. B. Rosenholm
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 122

    How to Measure Subdiffusion Coefficient
    T. Kosztolowicz
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 123

    Subdiffusive Reaction Front in the Enamel Caries Process
    T. Kosztolowicz, K. D. Lewandowska
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 124

    Studies on Diffusion of Rhodamine B Labeled Polystyrene in Dilute and Semidilute Solutions by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
    Ruigang Liu, W. Oppermann
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 125

    Measurement of Local Diffusion Properties in Brain Tissue
    C. Nicholson, Lian Tao, S. Hrabetova, R. G. Thorne
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 126

    Effects of Ion Pairs on Mass and Charge Transport in a Crosslinked Amorphous Polymer Electrolyte
    S. Obeidi, S.J. Pas, N.A. Stolwijk
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 127

    Pulsed Field Gradient NMR in Combination with Magic Angle Spinning - New Possibilities for Studying Diffusion in Lipid Membranes and Heterogeneous Materials
    A. Pampel
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 128

    Influence of Phase Transitions on the Mobility of Organic Pollutants in Synthetic and Natural Polymers
    U. Roland, K. W. Fomba, F. Stallmach, P. Galvosas, J. Kärger, F.-D.-Kopinke
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 129

    Diffusivity of Water in a Biological Model Membrane: an NMR Study
    M. Rudakova, A. Filippov
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 130

    Water Diffusion through Asymmetric Polymer Membranes and Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
    A. Sagidullin, J. Meier-Haack, U. Scheler
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 131

    Comparing the Biophysical Properties of Sterols in Lipid Membranes – What is Special about Cholesterol?
    H. A. Scheidt, P. Müller, A. Herrmann, K. Arnold, K. Gawrisch, D. Huster
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 132

    Varying the Gradient Pulse Length Gives Valuable Information in NMR Diffusometry
    O. Söderman, D. Topgaard
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 133

    PFG NMR Studies of Diffusion in Sulfonic Acid Based Systems
    A. Telfah, G. Majer
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 134

    MRI Study of Fickian, Case II and Anomalous Diffusion of Solvents into HPMC
    J. Tritt – Goc, J. Kowalczuk
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 135

    Influence of Domains on Lateral Diffusion in Lipid Bilayers: PFG NMR Study
    S. Vasenkov, K. Ulrich, C. Selle, J. Kärger, J. Käs
    Diffusion Fundamentals 2 (2005) 136

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