Basic Principles of Diffusion Theory, Experiment and Application
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volume 36, 2022/23:

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volume 35, 2022:

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Special Issue "Diffusion Fundamentals IX"

Conference abstracts of "Diffusion Fundamentals IX", Krakow, Poland

volume 34, 2022:

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Special Issue "DIMAT-2021"

A selection of papers presented at the 11th International Conference on Diffusion in Materials (DIMAT), July 4-9, 2021, Debrecen, Hungary

volume 33, 2020-22:

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Jörg Kärger
University of Leipzig,

Paul Heitjans
University of Hannover,

Editorial Board

Diffusion Fundamentals is an interdisciplinary open-access Online Journal publishing original research articles in the field of diffusion and transport, energized by a biannual Conference Series. It addresses a broad community of scientists in all research disciplines and provides a Forum of Communication.

Papers submitted for publication in the online journal are expected to deal with new aspects of diffusion theory, experiment and application. Since diffusion occurs in all types of matter there are, essentially, no limitations to the scope. Examples include:

  • Theory: models, computational studies, novel paradigms and tools of theoretical treatment
  • Experiments: experimental results dealing with fundamental research of diffusion and transport in any kind of matter (solids, fluids, gases, soft matter, interfaces, etc.)
  • Applications: applied research related to unrestricted spectrum of systems including complex materials, polymers, nanocomposites, self-assembled structures, bio-systems, engineered devices, sensors, etc.
  • Methods: potentials, versatility and limitations of experimental techniques for measuring diffusion and transport, recent developments and progress
  • Diffusion-Like Phenomena: studies in other areas such as ecologic, economic and social systems

    The authors warrant the originality of their submissions. Acceptance occurs on the basis of reviewing by independent, anonymous referees. Please submit your papers for publication in the Online-Journal directly to the Editors or to any member of the Editorial Board as an e-mail attachment of the completely formatted pdf- or Microsoft Word documents. Only electronically submitted contributions can be considered. It is implied that basic requirements of easy reading and understanding (high-quality figures; figures and tables included into the text; numbered figures, tables and references, appearing in the sequence of numbering) are obeyed. Click here to download the Author Guidelines.

    Publication in the open-access online journal is free of charge.

    Jörg Kärger, Leipzig
    Paul Heitjans, Hannover

  • contains:

  • original research papers
  • review articles
  • letter to the Editors
  • conference full papers
  • poster abstracts


  • Diffusion Books
  • Conferences & Workshops

    special events:

    Diffusion Fundamentals IX
    (September 21-24, 2022, Krakow)

    Diffusion Fundamentals VIII
    (September 1-5, 2019, Erlangen)

    Diffusion Fundamentals II
    L'Aquila 2007

    full texts may be found in Diffusion Fundamentals Online Journal volume 6

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