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diffusion-fundamentals Diffusion Fundamentals II Conference
First Circular

Diffusion Fundamentals II

Basic Principles of Theory, Experiment and Application
August 26th - 29th, 2007
L'Aquila, Italy

Two years after the Diffusion Fundamentals I Conference in Leipzig, the world-wide community of researchers in the field of diffusion is invited to L'Aquila to highlight the current developments in the field. Following the tradition of Diffusion Fundamentals I (see book announcement) a Conference Volume with paintings of L'Aquila by the Japanese physicist and artist Taro Ito will appear as a souvenir for all participants. Diffusion Fundamentals II is co-organized by University College London, University of Leipzig and University of L'Aquila.

The scientific programme includes invited plenary talks, covering those topics of diffusion theory, experiment and application, which are in the focus of current research. The talks will address a broad, interdisciplinary audience rather than only the specialists in the different fields and include the following topics (working titles):

Diffusion in Reduced DimensionalityDiffusion in Cells: NMR Studies
Interdiffusion in Critical Binary Mixtures by Molecular Dynamics SimulationDiffusion Challenges in (Chemical) Industries
QENS and the Benefit of Diffusion Measurement over Different Length ScalesThe Invasion of Newcomers: Isotopes, Neobiota, Foreigners
Challenges in Macroscopic Measurement of Diffusion in ZeolitesNMR Imaging of Ventilation and Diffusion in Lungs
Diffusion in HydrogeologyAtomistic Model of Diffusion in Solids
Genetic and Cultural DiffusionPolymer Dynamics: From Synthetic Polymers to Proteins
Fickian and non-FickianDiffusion in Solid PolymersDiffusion in self assembled Composites
Diffusion in Oxides

The following plenary speakers have accepted our invitation:
John Barker – LondonEd Cussler – Minneapolis
Clemens Bechinger – StuttgartHervè Jobic – Villeurbanne
Kurt Binder – MainzYossi Klafter – Tel Aviv
Stefano – LondonPhilip Kuchel – Sydney
Armin Bunde – GiessenManfred Martin – Aachen
Richard Catlow – LondonNikolaus Nestle – Ludwigshafen
Luca Cavalli-Sforza – StanfordDieter Richter – Jülich
Mark Conradi – St. LouisGiulio Sarti – Bologna
Gero Vogl – Vienna

Each group of plenary talks shall be accompanied by poster sessions. Ideally, the contributions to the poster sessions should be related to the various aspects covered in the plenary talks. Correspondingly, the plenary speakers and the chairpersons of the sessions shall be asked to serve as first reviewers of the poster submissions and shall be encouraged to refer to individual posters during their presentations, whenever appropriate.

Again, to reach as many (in particular young) researchers as possible, the conference is planned as a low-cost conference (participation fee between 200,- € and 300,- € aspired, depending on the level of sponsorship), which implies to rely on information exchange by www as extensively as possible. This will in particular concern the conference contributions, which shall be published in total only electronically, as a special volume of the Online-Journal of the webseite The conference fee comprises catering during the conference, the social programme, including Gala Dinner, and the Conference Volume.
The conference takes place in the city of L'Aquila one hour away from Rome. L'Aquila, laid out within medieval walls, is surrounded by mountains on all sides. A booklet by Albrecht Beutelspacher, University of Giessen, in both German and Italian (ISBN 3423330694), entitled "Pasta all'infinito - my Italian Journey into Maths", provides a nice introduction to the conference location, its people and some mathematics. As part of the social programme, with an entertaining talk on the "(wo)man on the street" he is as well going to present some mathematical surprises during the conference. Following his first visit to L'Aquila described in this book, the international community of researchers in the field of diffusion is invited to take profit of a marvelous place, not yet heavily affected by tourism, and its picturesque ambience.

Authors are requested to send their two-pages abstracts via the Internet before April 30th, 2007. Please, follow the format as given under since only in this case the contribution may be included in the Conference Volume.

Important Dates 2007

January2nd circular, begin registration with dues
April 30Submission of poster contributions/contributions to the Diffusion-Fundamentals Online-Journal
June 30Registration deadline, information about acceptance of the contributions, final circular
August 19Registration with late dues, final acceptance of poster contributions/ contributions to the
Diffusion-Fundamentals Online-Journal
August 26 - 29Diffusion Fundamentals II

Conference Chairmen: Stefano Brandani, London; Jörg Kärger, Leipzig; Roberto Volpe, L'Aquila

Scientific Committee:
Dezsö L. Beke, DebrecenStefano Brandani, LondonArmin Bunde, Giessen
Paul Callaghan, New ZealandAlan Chadwick, CanterburyMarc-Olivier Coppens, Delft
Gerhard Ertl, BerlinDieter Freude, LeipzigFarida Grinberg, Leipzig
Paul Heitjans, HannoverJörg Kärger, LeipzigYossi Klafter, Tel Aviv
Alfred Leipertz, Erlangen-NurembergGraeme Murch, CallaghanHarry Pfeifer, Leipzig
Jean Philibert, ParisWilliam S. Price, SydneyDouglas M. Ruthven, Orono
Michael J. Saxton, DavisGunter Schütz, JülichDoros Theodorou, Athens
Ilpo Vattulainen, HelsinkiGero Vogl, ViennaGeorge H. Weiss, Bethesda

Organizing Committee: Christian Chmelik, Tomas Binder

If you are interested in participation in the Conference you can pre-register at the website at
We will send you the -Second Circular- together with the final registration form in January 2007.

A poster announcing the conference may be found under (pdf, 0.3 MB).

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